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The FoodPrint Journey

FoodPrint Team

We are a South African-based tech-for-good startup that is building a blockchain-enabled food supply chain platform designed for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to digitally participate in food value chains, directly connect with buyers and access services.

Our vision is to economically empower the 33 million smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with access to competitive markets and financial services. By using our platform, each farmer builds up their digital and immutable harvest production record – akin to a credit record - which we envision will unlock opportunities for them.

Farm-to-Fork Produce

Tracking the produce journey from the farm all the way to your hands at the market.


Initial Proof-of-Concept at University of Cape Town (FinTech Masters Blockchain Project) [2019]

Participated in the Solution Space Venture Launch Programme (University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business) [2019]

Successful pilot at Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Cape Town [2019, 2020]

Participated in the Oribi Village Food Systems Bootcamp Programme [2020]

Finalist in the French South African Agricultural Institute (F'SAGRI) Innovation Challenge [2020]

Winner of the Inqola FEED Innovation Prize [2021]

From local farms, to your table

We use world-class technology to bring you fresh food, from local producers!


Supporting Local

In making food supply chains transparent, we reveal where the produce is from.

This helps advance the cause of supporting locally grown produce, which in turn can immensely benefit small-scale farmers and local economies

Natural As It's In Nature

Not all produce at the market is organically certified but it is pesticide free. You are given the knowledge so that you can choose accordingly.

The produce is grown using sustainable farming methods that are good for the land and the people.

Responsible Consumption

As the saying goes, knowledge is power! FoodPrint arms consumers with information about food before they purchase - enabling them to make informed and responsible decisions about what they purchase to eat and where their money goes.

Championing Sustainability

Communicating the information related to food sustainability such as whether it is in season, use of pesticides and distance travelled from source to destination (food miles) contributes positively to advancing sustainable food systems.

Responsible and Ethical Production

Our food traceability platform helps farmers to keep food safety and quality top of mind.

In addition, by making the practises behind the growing of food produce transparent, FoodPrint has the potential to help advance ethical and fair production for everyone involved.


By using the latest technology, we are playing our part in ensuring that South African food systems are advancing and globally relevant.