Terms of Use

FoodPrint does not sell or farm any produce. We aim to create a platform where consumers can access the journey of their produce; from the farm it was harvested at to their shopping baskets. We aim to create a transparent space that encourages ethical and sustainable ideals amongst the producers, farmers’ markets and consumers.

The information regarding the produce data is uploaded by farmers and market administrators directly. We make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied for the content on the FoodPrint. The farmers and market administrators are required to check that the site is accurate, complete or up-to-date. We strongly recommend you verify any information before you rely on it.

We know how important the colour of a product can be. The way that colours of products are displayed may depend on your monitor. We can't really control this, but we think it is worth reminding you.

You must not access or use the FoodPrint website for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. You shall remain solely responsible for your conduct on the Site, including any content you upload and any comments you make.

The FoodPrint company cannot be held liable for any negative externality that may occur as a result of consuming the produce listed on the site. Buyers are fully responsible for all purchases they make at the market and all produce they may consume.